TÖRŐDÉS (CARE) Children and Youth Foundation

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b_250_250_16777215_00_images_torodes_manifesztum_gyongyozes2.jpgHistory :

  • The Foundation was set up by individuals in 1995.
  • We aim to promote the development of children’s public activity in Szentes town.
  • We are committed to the development of children and youth welfare activities and the support of socially disadvantaged children and disadvantaged students of Szentes town and Szentes subregion.


Since 1998 organizing:
  • Trainings
  • Researches
  • Camps

about the subjects of lifestyle and public life of children and youth, the environment, the preservation of traditions and folk crafts.



Since 1998 we have organized several conferences and discussions about teenagers.

  • Szentes: "Teenagers Public Life Conference"
  • Újszentiván: "Mental Health and Anti-Drugs Conference"
  • Szentes: "Conscious Way of Life against Drugs"
  • Szolnok : "Drug Issues, Youth Issues, Ethical Issues"
  • Magyartés: "Teenage Peers’ Discussion"


Since 2005 we have been conducting researches on several youth-related topics, primarily in Szentes:

  • Drug investigation research in Szentes
  • Comparative analysis of the time-usage of the teenagers in Szentes
  • Training for Identifying and Managing Problems with the participation of teenagers from Szentes and Transylvania
  • Research on Szentes’s teenagers’ lifestyle and habits
  • Baseline research on Szentes teenagers’ skillset match for the labor market
  • The "NET-World – virtual life of teenagers"

Through these activities we have contributed to the creation of the Youth Strategy of Szentes.

In 2009 we have finalized the paper "Youth needs and problems lists in Szentes subregion".

We continuously review the researches.

b_250_250_16777215_00_images_torodes_manifesztum_P1000961.JPGNot Szentes-related professional project:

Our experts have participated in the "Family Workshop - addressing lifestyle issues arising from becoming a family" in Szolnok town as part of TÁMOP-5.2.5-08/1-2008-0083 program for the request of Csillagpor Alapítvány ( Szolnok )



Supporting Service Spaces for Youth Communities:

  • We have created a methodology package for the IKSZT-s in 2010.
  • The methodology package includes the following:
    • Guidance for local authorities in relation to the student and youth governments;
    • Management of local children and youth governments;
    • Creation and development of public spaces and local youth governments in small settlements;
    • Resource Development, operational management and use of resources at the IKSZT-s.


Student Cellar:

In the Student Cellar the Foundation’s experts and volunteers regularly organize and conduct various training courses, professional workshops for teenagers in the Szentes subregion based on their specific needs assessed.
Several professionals have contributed to the training activities of the Foundation, including youth workers, social educators, teachers, sociologist, doctor and mental health professional.

Contact info:

“TÖRŐDÉS” Szentesi Gyermek és Diák Alapítvány 
PO Box 197
E- mail: 
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